Prevent Oklahoma City Truck Accidents With Proper Snow Removal

When snow and ice collect on the top of tractor trailers, this can be very dangerous. Just recently, a truck accident occurred when ice fell off the top of a truck, broke the window of an SUV, and caused the driver of the SUV to sustain injury. Some states have laws on the books designed to prevent these types of truck accidents by imposing requirements on truck drivers to remove ice and show from their vehicles. Other states do not have such laws, but some are considering them.

Penske warns truck drivers to be aware of the rules for snow and ice as they travel across the country over the winter months. A trucker could cross into an area where snow and ice removal is mandatory and could be ticketed for failure to have cleared the truck appropriately. Truckers should follow best practices for snow removal not only to avoid the possibility of a citation but also to help keep people safe and prevent collisions and injuries due to truck wrecks from occurring.

A Truck Driver’s Responsibility for Snow and Ice Removal

Trucking Info recently reported on the efforts being made by states to prevent truck accidents that occur due to ice and snow. In one state, a new law was being proposed to make it an affirmative requirement to remove snow and ice on any commercial vehicle weighing 48,000 pounds or greater. If drivers failed to remove the ice and snow properly, they could be pulled over and fined. If snow or ice fell off the truck and caused an accident, the fine could reach up to $1,000 per incident.

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