Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys and Measuring Loss

As part of a collaborative effort, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, the Georgia Department of Highway Safety have teamed up to educate young drivers of the potential dangers.

Do I Need a Lawyer

Distracted driving car accident lawyers in Atlanta believe this is an excellent time of year to drive home the point, given that graduation and summer break are right around the corner. Link

Study finds 1 in every 4 accidents involves cell phone use

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, accidents involving distractions account for nearly half of all roadway fatalities, or about 5,000 annually. Distractions can also be blamed on approximately 450,000 injuries each year.

A recent report from the National Safety Council indicates that 1 of every 4 wrecks can be attributed to cell phone use.

What is especially scary about this revelation is the fact that most people don’t view talking on the phone as being especially dangerous. This kind of faulty thinking is perpetuated by the fact that while all states have some form of text messaging ban, none ban talking on a phone for all drivers. What’s more, none forbid hands-free cell phone devices, despite the fact that research has proven they are equally as dangerous as handheld devices.

Measuring the Scale of Loss

The $871 billion in losses that the NHTSA calculated included $277 billion in actual economic expenditures like medical treatment. These costs average out to around $900 per U.S. citizen. The total also included $594 billion in harm resulting from the loss of life, the decreased quality of life from those seriously injured, and the pain that the injured endure.

There are three specific types of collisions that are responsible for the majority of these costs and losses: drunk driving accidents, speeding accidents and collisions caused by distracted drivers.

In total, there were $49 billion in economic losses and another $199 billion in losses to society that occurred because of drivers who were impaired by alcohol. The economic losses alone averaged out to $158 for every single person in the country.

Crashes caused by speeding drivers accounted for 21 percent of all of the economic losses and 24 percent of the overall societal harm that occurred due to motor vehicle accidents in 2010. In total, the economic losses from speeding drivers equaled $59 billion or an average of $191 per person in the United States. The costs of overall societal harm from speeding drivers totaled around $210 billion.

Finally, crashes caused by distracted drivers accounted for 17 percent of total economic loss and 15 percent of overall societal harm. The economic losses totaled $46 billion and the societal losses totaled $129 billion. Again, just the economic costs averaged out to around $148 for every single individual in the United States.

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Boston Bicycle Rider Injuries A Common Risk

Boston accident attorneys know that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association’s 2012 report, there were 58 Walker fatalities in the Massachusetts that year, accounting for more than 18 percent of the total traffic deaths. This was far higher than the national average of 13 percent.

Pedestrian fatalities cause for concern in Boston

Urban areas like Boston are far more likely to see the majority of these incidents. A 2012 report by the National Alliance for Biking and Walking found that Boston had an annual average of 8.3 Pedestrians killed annually, accounting for nearly 35 percent of all its traffic fatalities – more than one-third.

Of course, some urban areas fared worse – in New York, Pedestrian deaths amounted to 54 percent of the total, in San Francisco 49 percent, in Honolulu 45 percent. Still, it’s high enough that further attention on this issue is warranted – particularly when we have 8-year-olds who are paying the price.

NHTSA says Crosswalk accident fatalities on the rise

Contact –

The good news is that Massachusetts state officials have begun to prioritize prevention of Walker crashes, with 5 percent of the state transportation budget dedicating to projects that underscore Crosswalk and cyclist safety. That’s compared to about 0.5 percent of state transportation budgets dedicated for the same purpose by states like Florida and Louisiana, which also have a major Walker fatality problem.

Are Massachusetts Drivers and Cyclists Having Difficulty Sharing the Roads?

Bicycle riders and drivers are being forced to coexist more on the roads as people increasingly turn to bicycling as a method of commuting or getting exercise. This is especially true in Boston, which has been named one of America’s Best Cities for Biking. Unfortunately, even in bike-friendly cities like Boston, tensions can arise when bicycle riders and drivers have to co-exist on crowded city roads.

Just recently, the Washington Post published several articles with a long list of complaints about different behaviors that bicycle riders are doing that creates problems for drivers and that may be making the roads dangerous for both drivers and Walkers. Bicycle riders, for their part, are trying to get accommodations made to ensure they are safe even as the death toll rises.

When a bicycle accident occurs, it is likely there will be lots of finger-pointing regarding who is to blame. A personal injury attorney can help victims to investigate the cause of the crash and prove liability.

Are Bicycle Riders Sharing the Roads?

Springfield Motorcycle Collisions a Spring & Summer Risk

A Massachusetts man involved in a motorcycle accident two years ago is sharing his story with others and urging caution on the roads. According to ABC, the man was riding his motorcycle at about 10:00 in the morning in September 2012. He had a helmet on and was heading to meet a friend for breakfast. His motorcycle was struck out of nowhere, sending him flying 30 feet in the air. The driver hit the gas and ran him over, resulting in 38 broken bones. He is now paralyzed from the sternum down.

Unfortunately, his story is not unusual. Drivers often fail to follow safety rules or to share the road in a careful way to protect motorcyclists. Victims injured by a motorcycle collision can speak with accident attorneys in Springfield, MA for help making an injury claim.

Motorcycle Collisions are an Real Risk

The Governors Highway Safety Association reports a seven percent decline in the number of people killed in motorcycle accidents nationwide in the first part of 2013, as compared with the same time period in 2012.

Massachusetts also saw a major decrease in motorcycle fatalities during this time. In the first half of 2013, there were just nine motorcyclist deaths in the state as compared with 20 fatalities in the first six months of 2012. This is a decrease of 55 percent. Unfortunately, more fatalities occurred over the next several months. Within the first nine months of 2013, there were a total of 28 motorcycle rider fatalities in Massachusetts. This was still a 39 percent decrease from the 46 deaths that had occurred in the prior year.

At first glance, this decrease in fatalities may seem to suggest that the roads are becoming safer for motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, an article on Forbes indicates that this is not the case. While it is true that fewer motorcyclists were killed in 2013, this happened not because of increased safety but instead because the weather was worse over the course of this year. It was both colder and wetter in 2013 as compared with the same time period in 2012. The bad weather discouraged riders and, with fewer motorcyclists on the road, there were fewer fatalities.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Boston, Springfield, or Holyoke, a car and truck accident lawyer with our Massachusetts firm will fight to help you obtain compensation you deserve. At the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone, serving Massachusetts, our personal injury attorneys have an impressive record of trial verdicts and settlements.

More Articles: Massachusetts Bar Association – Press Room

Pedestrian Accident

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Award Winning San Antonio Texting While Driving Attorneys

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey has revealed a troubling disconnect between drivers’ attitudes towards speeding in a car and drivers’ behavior when it comes to going too fast. This disconnect suggests that more needs to be done to help the public really understand how deadly speeding crashes can be.

Speeding plays a role in as many as 1/3 of all car wreck deaths that happen on U.S. roads each year, with almost 10,000 people dying in crashes that could perhaps have been avoided if motorists hadn’t been in such a hurry. Victims of high-speed collisions can consult with a speeding accident lawyer in San Antonio for help, but avoiding the crashes in the first place is a far better solution. Avoiding these wrecks or at least significantly reducing the number of speeding deaths would be simple if drivers simply refrained from speeding since they know it to be a high-risk activity.

Drivers Know Speeding is Dangerous, but Still Drive Too Fast

Not only do drivers believe people should obey the law, but they also believe that something needs to be done to make sure they do. A total of 48 percent said that they thought it was “very important” for “something to be done to reduce speeding on U.S. roads.”

Nearly One in Ten Motorists Are Killed Due to Distracted Driving

However, with a recent U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study indicating that over two-thirds of surveyed drivers across the United States have used their cell-phone behind the wheel, it’s estimated that one in every ten fatalities is caused by distracted drivers.

As any accident lawyer in San Antonio knows, distracted driving is a major public safety concern in Texas that can lead to some of the state’s most serious accidents, including rear-end accidents and potentially fatal head-on collisions.

Study compares driving habits of U.S., European drivers

The survey revealed that 69 percent of U.S. drivers aged 18-64 admitted to talking on their cell phone within the past month across the United States. On the other hand, European countries reported rates that varied from 21 percent (United Kingdom) to 59 percent (Portugal).

If you’ve been injured in an crash, contact the our firm at 800-455-1054.

Distracted Driving Lawyer

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Personal Injury Law – Austin Texas Law Firm

Our law Firm provides a powerful combination for clients seeking exceptional legal services in Texas. Our defense lawyers have successfully defended lawyers, doctors and other professionals facing issues that threaten their professional licenses. We have a strong track record for serving families in crisis situations. Our probate lawyers in Austin, TX work to protect assets and estates. We’re also a personal injury law firm. Whatever legal situation you’re dealing with, we can help.

Personal Injury Law Firm – Austin Texas Law

You might think you don’t need a lawyer. A drunk driver may have caused a car accident. Someone admitted they caused your accident and accepts full responsibility. Often, what appear to be clear-cut legal matters turn out to be much more complicated. Contact our law firm today.

Perhaps your accident or legal issue seems straightforward. Don’t be so sure that you can get justice on your own. People change their stories. New evidence emerges.

Right now might feel like the wrong time to contact a lawyer about your personal injury accident. You might simply want to take time to recover. But the truth is the longer you wait to take legal action, the harder it is sometimes to get the compensation you rightfully deserve. Memories fade. Evidence disappears. Take action now. That’s our job. We can take The accomplished attorneys at Bertolino Law give honest answers to difficult questions. We think differently. We believe hard work and honesty pay dividends. That’s why we work so diligently on each case. The more prepared you are, the greater the opportunity for success.

Personal Injury Lawyer

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